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Searching for more information on weighted blankets? You're not alone. The popularity of weighted blankets has sky rocketed in 2021! Do you struggle with anxiety or insomnia? A worldwide pandemic definitely doesn't help! Don't be fooled though, Weighted blankets aren't a new fad.. They've been used by occupational therapists who have been prescribing weighted blankets to help manage sensory-related symptoms for decades - especially for children and adults on the autism spectrum.

I know what you're thinking.. Being trapped under a heavy blanket doesn't sound like heaven.. But you'd be surprised! A scientific study found that after 32 adults used a weighted blanket 63% reported lower anxiety and 78% preferred the weighted blanket to calm down. Serenity Weighted Blankets offer deep pressure stimulation, a form of touch pressure that feels like a firm hug, a massage, or swaddling.

Now you're probably wondering why weighted blankets are so expensive?!

There's a few reasons why.. let's look more at them.

The Outer Fabric

A weighted blanket is an investment, a lifetime blanket which can help with numerous issues and just for ultimate snuggles. At Serenity we tested SO many fabrics before we made our decision because we wanted to ensure that our customers had the best experience and of course we went for the incredible minky cover. Not only is this to ensure maximum comfort and sensory happiness but it's also hypo-allergic too. We're proud to say our blanket is OTEX®️ certified. If you are sensitive to heat or live in warmer climates the minky covering on our blankets is perfect! It's a breathable fabric and because it's durable it's not too thick so it can be used as a stand alone blanket in summer or with your usual blanket in winter! Did we mention that our covers are also machine washable? No stinky blankets on our watch!

Size & Filling of Blankets

With Serenity Blankets we wanted to have 2 sizes, Double & King. A common misconception is that customers assume the blanket must hang over the bed like a normal duvet, this is wrong! Weighted blankets should ideally be smaller than your bed, so it doesn’t slide off to one end. The weight material is sewn into pockets to keep the weight as evenly distributed as possible across the blanket. There may also be filler added for softness and to prevent the material from shifting. Our filling is Non Toxic Glass Beads, However with cheaper available blankets they could be filled with plastic pellets, sand or food products such as rice grains and barley. Glass Beads aren’t as dangerous as they sound (We promise!). These are soft beads with a very fine texture (and no risk of breakage). Glass beads are denser than plastic pellets so you need fewer beads to get the same amount of weight. 

So if you're currently debating if you want a weighted blanket.. make sure to have a check list!

    • Is the size good for you / your bed size? 
    • Can you wash the blanket cover at home?
    • What kind of materials are inside and outside?
    • Are the materials used to make the blanket non-toxic?
    • Been checked by a 3rd party inspection service

Using your Serenity Weighted Blanket daily can have an incredible effect on your parasympathetic nervous system and help with managing stress and anxiety. Not only that but will improve your quality of sleep and sensory processing abilities.